As attractive as the island's name sounds the turquoise sea, white sands beaches, magnificent local culture combined with the smell of exotic spices surely makes Zanzibar a must-visit destination for beach holidays.

To know what to do in Florence during summer you must be familiar with the things to do that this Italian city provides. The main thing to do in Florence is to visit the monuments and works of art in the historic city center in any season.

After my tour of the Jewish Quarter in Prague, I was led by Jirka, our local tour guide, to a walk around the rest of the district, to see the Rudolfinum, the old arcades that are now home to luxury shops and fancy restaurants.

The Windy City is home to so much art, entertainment, and iconic food, it would take years to go through it all and experience it. We've gathered a short list of things that you must see on your visit, which become even more enjoyable if you arrive in the spring.

Stockholm is Sweden's center of trade and commerce, having it accorded with the capital city status by it's government. Looking at a map, it is situated on a group of different isles in Lake Malar towards the Baltic.

The capital of the state of Bihar, Patna, is the 19th largest city in India. The city carries a heritage of history with itself, adding to its fast growing economy. Formerly known as 'Patliputra', the city has an abundance of cultural and ethnic variations to attract tourism.

To retire, travel or to make your dreams come true, Mojacar is a small coastal town in southern Spain with an irresistible charm that makes it one of the best Spanish destinations to retire or start a new life.

Are you planning to visit the Big Apple, a magnificent city known for some of its most iconic sites? If your answer is affirmative, you need to be on a roller coaster ride to enjoy all the interesting activities that can be enjoyed in New York. Every time one visits this city, there is something new to explore, discovered and enjoyed.